Gorgeous Shades of Coral for a Very Special Wedding

Gorgeous Shades of Coral for a Very Special Wedding

There are sometimes in a designer’s life that we can’t wait to see the end result – the finished flower girl dress.  When our seamstresses brought this order over to our design studio room, we just had to photograph them! These dresses were no exception. Our bride gave us her inspiration (more on that in a later post) and we were so excited to get going on the dresses. All together, there were 10 little girls ranging in sizes from 14 months to a girl aged 13.  We made the sleeves in our 3/4 length because of religious concerns.  Each of the coral flower girl dresses were done in different shades of coral and pink like gum drop, sherbert, icing, coral rose, melon, watermelon and so much more.

Shades of Coral for a Tulle Degas Style 402 flower girl dresses from Pegeen Couture

Degas inspired tulle flower girl dress Style 402 from our Pegeen Couture Flower Girl Dress collection – each in varied shades of pinks, corals, sherberts and gumdrop with our Noelle Rose on the back. The skirt was done in multiple shades of corals, oranges and peaches with one layer of pink.

Coral tulle flower girl dresses

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