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New First Communion Dresses for 2016 Includes Great Styles for the Plus Size Girl

One of the most satisfying things we stand behind at is that we guarantee the fit. We work very hard to make sure that a girl who may be looking for a Plus Size First Communion dress, and who is difficult to fit, looks just a beautiful than the next girl waiting to receive her First Communion.  We think it’s so sad that some of these girls go shopping and come across some really unscrupulous sales attendants.  One of the worst stories I have heard was that a young girl went into a large, box mart sized bridal store, after visiting at least 5 others without success, and the sales clerk said to the girl’s mother, of course in front of her, “OH we don’t fit girls like her.  Maybe we should get a women’s dress off the rack and see if we can cut it down”. URGH.  That woman should have been fired on the spot but I hear those are common comments in many stores.

There are a few styles that work REALLY well.  One I personally like is the style below because fabric we use has pin-tucks which helps to slenderize the look. I usually dn’t recommend lots of skirt fluff – like many layers of tulle or organza.  One layer of tulle looks quite awful but we think this body type is fine with single layers of organza.  And, don’t be fulled by these crappy dresses coming from China for goodness sake.  If I could show you the heart break from these moms who call us in tears, I would if that would help convince you.

Just a reminder – although we sell exclusively online,  if you are visiting Orlando, we are located just 1.25 miles from Disney World.  Call to visit our factory or design studio. 407-928-2377White first communion dresses

Above Silk and Pearl flower girl dressesPegeen 1st Communion Dress Style 982White first communion dresses

Above Silk and Swarovski Crystal flower girl dressesPegeen 1st Communion Dress Style 307   with added Swarovski crystals to the bodice.White first communion dresses

Above Silk., Crystal, Lace and Pearl flower girl dressesPegeen 1st Communion Dress Style 984 White first communion dressesAbove Silk and Aloncon Lace flower girl dressesPegeen 1st Communion Dress Style 963

Call us.  We will treat your plus sized girl with the dignity you all deserve.
For PLUS SIZES we will send a Bodice in the mail which is made out of a muslin material. You will try on this pattern/muslin and get back to us with any further fit issues.  Be sure to have a digital camera ready when it arrives.  After the fit is finalized, we use our copy of the same muslin here and proceed to make your dress. “My staff and I are really good at spotting the problems. Once the digital pictures are sent back to us experience and a little programming magic, produces the changes that need to be made to the pattern. I really scare my kids sometimes when talking on the phone to customers. After they give me the measurements and height, I usually guess their weight within a pound or two. It amazes my kids but reassures the customer that we know what we are doing! I was especially happy when a recent customer said to me ‘ITS LIKE MAGIC IN A BOX’ and that pretty much says it right there.”


One of four Weddings of the Year – our Luxury Wedding and Flower Girl Dresses

One of four Weddings of the Year – our Luxury Wedding and Flower Girl Dresses

Announcing our 2014 Flower Girl Dresses of the Year

Every year, we name our favorite Wedding of the Year. In the past, they have ranged from simple weddings, to DIY, elaborate celebrations, with 20+ junior bridesmaids, 2nd time weddings and renewals. It gets harder for us each year, it truly does, to name just one WEDDING OF THE YEAR. The photographers are spectacular, the creativity and the thought in each wedding is simply overwhelming, and more than anything, the beauty of the event itself and the special meaning to each couple touches our heart every time. The entries this year absolutely were some of the best we have seen since we started doing this 7 years ago. Through out this year, we will be highlighting other weddings that didn’t quite make it into the finals but we will feature them as if they too were weddings of the year, because they truly were.

However, of the 4200 entries this year, we decided that each of the following weddings were special in their own way. So once again this year, we decided to name all four weddings as our favorite. Each of these weddings will be featured during this week, in celebration of our 33rd Year of Business!



The Luxury Flower Girl of the Year in style 902 from the Fairytale Collection


Juliet and Joe come from the professional skating world. Juliet, from the ice show and Joe, a retired NFH Hockey player. (Note to self: my husband is gonna love this wedding!)  When Juliet approached me for her wedding she wanted something very special for her daughter. We chose the Sapphire Fairy dress from the Fairytale Collection, Style 902 in White with a Pink Monogram exactly as the couple’s monogram.

Juliet & Joe – 2014 California Luxury Wedding of the Year: l John Riedy, Photography l 818.445.7752 Carlsbad, CA

For more details on our most popular Wedding of the Year, 2011 CLICK

More images of this fabulous wedding:




For the wedding she chose Flower Girl Dress Style 902 from the PEGEEN FAIRYTALE COLLECTION – the Sapphire Fairy.  Dress was in 100% silk in a color called Antique White.  Juliet chose the monogram for the front of the dress to match the couples monogram.  Dress is covered with 10 layers of tulle and topped of with a layer of crystal tulle and dew drop tulle.

Luxury Flower GIrl Dress of the Year

White and pink silk tulle flower girl dresses from

Flower Girl Dress Style 902 FAIRYTALE COLLECTION – Sapphire is part of the Fairy Tale Collection, 10 layers of tulle in multiple colors in pale shades of blue, cover.ed with a sparkle tulle, dew drop tulle, special monogram on the bodice with square neck. Dress is named after our favorite blue jewel, this dress is shown in cloud and blueberry, but blue colors available, others on request to designer. Mother of pearl button closure. At the waist is a huge pre-tied bustle and Cinderella bow. All of our skirt lengths are ballet length, meaning just three or four inches above the ankle which can be customized. Includes short sleeves or sleeveless tank, other options available such as longer sleeves or flowers at a slightly higher price.  For more photos from the wedding, please visit our website or click to purchase.

Tulle Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White

Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White June 2012

Perhaps because I graduated from Colorado State with both my undergraduate and Master’s Degree, I tend to love weddings in the Colorado Rockies.  Many happy years were spent there in that magnificent state.  By now, because of the Telluride Film Festival, I am sure you have all heard of that wonderful city.  However as wonderful as it is for skiing, the summers in Telluride are one of the loveliest settings for a wedding.

Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White June 2012

About a year ago, we made a lovely tulle flower girl dress for this adorable little toddler.  We layered the skirt colors in very pale pink so it had just a hint of pink in the tulle.  This Tulle Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White is from our Pegeen Couture Collections style 402.  Other than layer with color, we added nothing extra to this dress.

Pegeen Couture Tulle Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White June 2012

We were giddy when we designed it for our customer who wanted the dress pink color to match the cowboy boots.  Man oh man, this customer REALLY wanted me to take notice.  Pink and Cowboy Boots?  WOOT!

Pink Toddler Girl’s cowboy boots by Pocono Western Wear

Our customer had some wonderful wild flowers as well in the bouquets as well as in pots, jars and buckets all over the ceremony and venue.   Flowers included my favorite, Columbines, the state flower of Colorado.  Absolutely my favorite flower in the world in so many shades it would make your gardening head spin! (and a hot tip – visit for a supplier for these perennials in all colors)

Flower Girl Dress of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White June 2012, Wedding gown by Gown:  Monique l’Huillier

We hope you will visit our website to view this and our many featured weddings.

Wedding of the Month was held in Telluride CO June 2012


Photography:  Real Life Photographs (Telluride, CO)
Flowers:  Willowcreek Floral (Ridgeway, CO)
Receptions Site:  Allred’s (Telluride)
Wedding Site:  San Sophia Station (Telluride)
Wedding Planner:  Wendy Hampton at Soiree Telluride
Band:  The Fever (Boulder, CO)
Hair:  Amy at Bliss (Telluride)
Flower Girl Dress:
Gown:  Monique l’Huillier from Ultimate Bride (Chicago)
Paper Goods:  Fairmount Letters (Shaker Heights, OH)

Multi Color Flower Girl Dresses can add to your wedding

Multi Color Flower Girl Dresses can add to your wedding

This past Friday we were all excited to see how many dresses in at least 40 colors we were getting ready to ship out.  And then, we noticed something;

Jr bridesmaids style 320 and Flower girl dress style 383 in multiple shades by

more and more weddings with multiple flower girls had chosen to have the girls dresses in multiple shades to match their color themes and flowers.

Triplet’s tulle flower girl dresses in red, yellow, blue and orange – Pegeen style 402 by


Monogrammed Silk Trellis and Tulle First Holy Communion Dress by Style 409

We are always so happy to receive the photographs from our customer’s daughters who have their First Holy Communion.  She used our flower girl dress style 409 and made some changes.

White Silk First Communion Dress by

White Silk First Communion Dress by

This dress was based on style 409 and had it made in antique white.  She had us add a Cinderella bow, a double layer of tulle and monogramming for her daughter’s Monogrammed First Communion Dress.  Her extra charges were $75.

White Silk and Pearls Monogrammed First Communion Dress Style 409 by