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Black and white photography

I go back and forth a lot on black and white photography.  My parents, married in 1945 as the war was ending, had their images only in black and white and customary to the day, had the images hand painted with color.  When I look back at the photography I think very much that these images are so timeless. and yet looking at the images that our brides send us I think that the look is contemporary at minimum.  For the fortunate few – some weddings are shot with a few cameras and we get to see the same angles or near angles of simultaneous imagery.  Then I can’t help but think, these images they send look ageless.  What’s your preference?

Black and White Photography

Wedding preparation with young attendant.

flower-girl-dress-003 black-and-white-flower-girl-dresses-00019 black-and-white-flower-girl-dresses-00027 black-and-white-flower-girl-dresses-00031 wedding-of-the-year-15 wedding-of-the-year-42

Silver and Gold for Christmas Portrait Session!

We are very excited to present this absolutely stunning addition to our Pegeen Fairy Tale Collection and have named it, what else, The Princess Fairy.  When our head designer first saw this fabric, she went absolutely ga-ga! “Between the rhinestones, the embroidery, the beads and the 3-dimentional embroidery, I couldn’t wait until our order arrived.  In fact, I asked them to express the fabric in so I could have it in the studio when I get back the next day!  I knew EXACTLY how to make this fabric be seen at it’s best.

This flower girl dress is made of 100% pure silk, ten layers of tulle covered with a layer of glitter tulle in gold or silver, and on the bodice, the most incredible beading, rhinestones, embroidery and 3 dimensional flowers, all hand placed and hand sewn with each dress uniquely different than another.  See all images for this photo shoot by Donna G Photography @BoxerStudios where the mom chose these flower girl dresses for her two daughters’ Christmas Dresses.

Just a reminder – although we sell exclusively online,  if you are visiting Orlando, we are located just 1.25 miles from Disney World.  Call to visit our factory or design studio. 407-928-2377

Check price for this custom silk flower girl dress
Silver and Gold Flower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl Dresses of the Month for August 2016 in Silver and Gold Silk and Tulle - Pegeen Style 922

Are you looking for flower girl dresses for a conservative or Jewish Wedding?

It is no wonder that moms call us and are completely frustrated.  Imagine that you need a high neck and 3/4 sleeve dress and sometimes for 18 or 19 flower girls!  Now imagine that your wedding is just 5 weeks away.  It’s not possible to buy 22 matching dresses off the rack in a short period of time.  It just doesn’t happen. has a wonderful program and we are able to deliver as many flower girl dresses necessary for your quick turn around wedding.  What’s better, you can order longer sleeves and higher necks at a small amount as well as floor length dresses, in silk with a petticoat and in a short period of time.

Add longer sleeves and higher necks - for LDS or Jewish Wedding flower girl dresses

Add longer sleeves and higher necks – for LDS or Jewish Wedding flower girl dresses

Custom Silk Flower Girl Dresses with soft gold sashes

This beautiful gold and white wedding was captured by Danielle Davis Photography. Our customer chose Pegeen flower girl dress style 300 in New Ivory flower girl dresses with pale gold silk sashes. We loved the flower girl wreaths and the flowers that adorned the church pews!Custom Silk Flower Girl Dresses with soft pink sashes

Ivory silk flower girl dresses by

We see she used ivory, peach, pink and deep red in all of her flowers with lots of greenery!  Thought the flowers by Tanarah Luxe Florals were outstanding.

Celebrate the New Year with Pegeen’s Favorite Wedding of the Month

We posted our favorite wedding of the month as we kick off 2015 and the count down to our Flower Girl Dress and Wedding of the Year.  The wedding was in Puerto Rico and the bride chose orange, hot pink and turquoise for her flower girl dresses and junior bridesmaids.

To start off 2015, we chose our Pegeen Flower Girl Dress of the Month for January. The flower girl dress was in new ivory silk with a hot pink sash called Shock and in Style 356 from the Pegeen Classic Collection.

Hot pink (Boing) and ivory silk and tulle flower girl dress from the Pegeen Classics Collection style 356

The Junior Bridesmaids were in coordinating colors.  The bride chose Style 398, also from the Pegeen Classic Collection of flower girl dresses.

Mango orange and Boing hot pink silk flower girl dresses with Turquoise silk sashes

Flower Girl Dresses for an Ole’ Kentucky Family Wedding


I had SO much fun this past weekend!  I went to a family wedding, and boy was it a shindig.  My sister’s family (lives in Indiana) transported our “mostly from NJ” and the Kentucky family of the fiance, now wife of my nephew, into a different time and age.  I will post more images later as I plan to cover the wedding details in full (starting with a transformed “Gatsby” themed rehearsal party), but I had to talk about the flower girl dresses that I was SO proud of my seamstresses that produced truly a spectacular and wonderful Swarovski encrusted, silk and tulle, vintage feeling Tulle Flower Girl Dress from the Fairytale Collection, our “Topaz” Style 904.  I can’t remember for sure but I estimate that there are close to 800 or so crystals on that dress, which is a lot of handwork.

Yes I admit – it is the most expensive dress that we have produced but after I saw all the dresses the bridesmaids wore and this SPECTACULAR wedding gown (the first one actually) and veil with all of their crystals, I know the bride chose the right flower girl dresses that we gave as their presents.  (Part of the perks of having a designer in the family, I suppose).Creme flower girl dress "Topaz " from the Fairy Tale Collection ivory-flower-girl-dresses-00119

So, now that my “niece-daughter” has announced her engagement, she asked me to do her gown.  I was pretty hesitant before, but I am “in” on it now!  Jessica – let’s do two!  For those of you that have seen these images on Facebook, please indulge me on the duplicate post.

Silk flower girl dresses - part of the Fairytale Collections by

Silk flower girl dresses – part of the Fairytale Collection – Style 904


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