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Silver and Gold for Christmas Portrait Session!

We are very excited to present this absolutely stunning addition to our Pegeen Fairy Tale Collection and have named it, what else, The Princess Fairy.  When our head designer first saw this fabric, she went absolutely ga-ga! “Between the rhinestones, the embroidery, the beads and the 3-dimentional embroidery, I couldn’t wait until our order arrived.  In fact, I asked them to express the fabric in so I could have it in the studio when I get back the next day!  I knew EXACTLY how to make this fabric be seen at it’s best.

This flower girl dress is made of 100% pure silk, ten layers of tulle covered with a layer of glitter tulle in gold or silver, and on the bodice, the most incredible beading, rhinestones, embroidery and 3 dimensional flowers, all hand placed and hand sewn with each dress uniquely different than another.  See all images for this photo shoot by Donna G Photography @BoxerStudios where the mom chose these flower girl dresses for her two daughters’ Christmas Dresses.

Just a reminder – although we sell exclusively online,  if you are visiting Orlando, we are located just 1.25 miles from Disney World.  Call to visit our factory or design studio. 407-928-2377

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Silver and Gold Flower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl Dresses of the Month for August 2016 in Silver and Gold Silk and Tulle - Pegeen Style 922

A Wedding with Some Summer Punch!


I love Spring and Summer weddings – the colors are often deep and rich and our wedding with Brandi is no exception!  When I got a call from the bride concerning her daughter who was to be her flower girl in her wedding, Brandi said in the sweetest southern voice – “I want to have some real punch in my wedding and make it fun” – so we sent her all the hot pink colors we had as we knew she was going to have the maids wear navy.  “Send me lots and lots of pink” Brandi said!

I was transfixed when I sent the dress to the bride and even more excited to see her photos….so much so that we named her’s the Flower Girl Dress & Wedding of the Month for August!  The flower girl dress had a navy bodice in silk with a Cinderella Sash and Boing underskirt covered with 10 layers of hot pink tulle for Pegeen Style 402.  Enjoy.

Navy and Boing (hot pink) wedding theme - Style 402 from the Pegeen Couture Flower Girl Dress Collection

Navy and Boing (hot pink) wedding theme – Style 402 from the Pegeen Couture Flower Girl Dress Collection

Multi Color Flower Girl Dresses can add to your wedding

Multi Color Flower Girl Dresses can add to your wedding

This past Friday we were all excited to see how many dresses in at least 40 colors we were getting ready to ship out.  And then, we noticed something;

Jr bridesmaids style 320 and Flower girl dress style 383 in multiple shades by

more and more weddings with multiple flower girls had chosen to have the girls dresses in multiple shades to match their color themes and flowers.

Triplet’s tulle flower girl dresses in red, yellow, blue and orange – Pegeen style 402 by

Flower Girl Dress of the Week in Ppink and Plum Tulle

Flower Girl Dress of the Week in Pink and Plum Tulle

Each week we feature a new flower girl dress to highlight as our favorite “flower girl dress of the week” – showing one of the newest custom dresses we made at Pegeen and especially love. We used a plum color of silk called wild berry and petal pink for the sash and lots and lots of layers of tulle. Pegeen has over 200 colors of silk and many more in tulle! If you plan on ordering a dress from us, we suggest you order free swatches.

tulle flower girl dress by PegeenThis customer chose to base her pink and plum flower girl dresses on style 402 and used wild berry for the base and tulle and petal pink for the sash. Additionally, she added a Noelle rose and a v-back for a total of $55.

Tulle flower girl dresses at the beach?

Tulle flower girl dresses at the beach?

What is more fun than three giggling  girls at the beach!  Why, being flower girls of course!  These triplets wore coral colored silk and tulle, degas style flower girl dresses.

Tulle Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Shades of Mango and Coral Silk by

For our wedding of the month of May, we chose our returning customer with her three daughters.  In multiple shades of coral silks including Coral Rose, C antelope, Peach, Fire, Mango, Squash, Carrot and Playtime —- did we leave out sherbert?  NOPE!  Dresses were lined in Sherbert silk under 10 layers of multiple shades of corals and peaches.