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Photoshoot by Christine Cornwell – Aqua & Pink Flower Girl Dresses

Photoshoot by Christine Cornwell – Aqua & Pink Flower Girl Dresses

We just love Christine Cornwell’s photography, (  We met her last year at my sister’s son and daughter in law’s wedding, in fact the wedding and photgraphy was so wonderful that we named that our 2015 Wedding of the Year.  Christine is the most adorable yet hard working photographer that I had ever had the pleasure to work with in quite some time.  Recently, the wedding was featured in Jan/Feb 2016 Bridal Guide and we were honored to be featured as well.  So, when Chris said she just had to do a shoot we obliged because we love her work!  Chris hails from Kentucky but shoots around the world.

Tiffany Blue Tulle Flower GIrl Dresses pink-flower-girl-dresses-002lavender-floweLavender Tulle Flower Girl Dressr-girl-dress-001Pink and Lace Tulle Flower Girl Dress



Announcing our 2013 Wedding of the Year

Announcing our 2013 Wedding of the Year

Announcing our 2013 Flower Girl Dress of the Year. This was a TERRIBLE year for me. Not only did I recently suffer the loss of my mother who helped me found my business, but recently, my father passed away to join her. For me, it just took me forever to want to look at other weddings and see brides dancing with their fathers.  I think of the song by Luther Vandross,  “One More Dance with my Father”,  almost every day.

My Dad

So, it took me months to finish looking at the thousands of entries this year for our annual “Wedding of the Year” celebration. That said however, I already apologized in January, so without any less fanfare, this year is rather special. Not only did we pick TWO winners and a Runner-Up, but our weddings are World-Wide: we have winners  from Australia, Canada, and the United States.   Over the next few days, we will write a little about each one.

Today however, I want to share the photos and story of Alyssa and Leigh who held their wedding in Australia after a chance meeting in London. When I received the photography by David Fowler, Victoria we were really impressed.  It is not often that we see photos from an area that we get to see such vistas.  This wedding was truly one of them.

Pegeen’s Flower Girl Dresses of the Year Co-Winner

The gowns she chose for her flower girl dresses was style 402 with our Pegeen Signature Bustle.  Since it was an afternoon wedding, Alyssa also chose to do our Audrey Hepburn length (tea length) skirt of tulle for the flower girl dress.

Alyssa’s story of her chance meeting with Leigh, and how after the bus started to pull away was one we as romantics always hope for: that the guy is on the other side of the bus when it pulls away.   After meeting at some friends,  the fellow Aussie’s hit it off beautifully and enjoyed their meeting.  As Alyssa walked Leigh over to the bus stop to say goodbye, we are sure she wondered why she had let him leave!  However, Leigh boarded the bus for home.  After paying his fare, he dramatically told the driver to “stop” so he could once again disembark.  When the bus pulled away, imagine Alyssa’s surprise and joy that on the other side of the bus stood Leigh waiting!  SIGH. So for their wedding, they tied the theme into the many places in their past while in London.  To read this “tugs at your heartstrings” story, continue to our website and visit all the wonderful images as well.

All photography by

Tulle Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White

Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White June 2012

Perhaps because I graduated from Colorado State with both my undergraduate and Master’s Degree, I tend to love weddings in the Colorado Rockies.  Many happy years were spent there in that magnificent state.  By now, because of the Telluride Film Festival, I am sure you have all heard of that wonderful city.  However as wonderful as it is for skiing, the summers in Telluride are one of the loveliest settings for a wedding.

Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White June 2012

About a year ago, we made a lovely tulle flower girl dress for this adorable little toddler.  We layered the skirt colors in very pale pink so it had just a hint of pink in the tulle.  This Tulle Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White is from our Pegeen Couture Collections style 402.  Other than layer with color, we added nothing extra to this dress.

Pegeen Couture Tulle Flower Girl Dresses of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White June 2012

We were giddy when we designed it for our customer who wanted the dress pink color to match the cowboy boots.  Man oh man, this customer REALLY wanted me to take notice.  Pink and Cowboy Boots?  WOOT!

Pink Toddler Girl’s cowboy boots by Pocono Western Wear

Our customer had some wonderful wild flowers as well in the bouquets as well as in pots, jars and buckets all over the ceremony and venue.   Flowers included my favorite, Columbines, the state flower of Colorado.  Absolutely my favorite flower in the world in so many shades it would make your gardening head spin! (and a hot tip – visit for a supplier for these perennials in all colors)

Flower Girl Dress of the Month in Petal Pink and Antique White June 2012, Wedding gown by Gown:  Monique l’Huillier

We hope you will visit our website to view this and our many featured weddings.

Wedding of the Month was held in Telluride CO June 2012


Photography:  Real Life Photographs (Telluride, CO)
Flowers:  Willowcreek Floral (Ridgeway, CO)
Receptions Site:  Allred’s (Telluride)
Wedding Site:  San Sophia Station (Telluride)
Wedding Planner:  Wendy Hampton at Soiree Telluride
Band:  The Fever (Boulder, CO)
Hair:  Amy at Bliss (Telluride)
Flower Girl Dress:
Gown:  Monique l’Huillier from Ultimate Bride (Chicago)
Paper Goods:  Fairmount Letters (Shaker Heights, OH)

Flower Girl Dress of the Week in Ppink and Plum Tulle

Flower Girl Dress of the Week in Pink and Plum Tulle

Each week we feature a new flower girl dress to highlight as our favorite “flower girl dress of the week” – showing one of the newest custom dresses we made at Pegeen and especially love. We used a plum color of silk called wild berry and petal pink for the sash and lots and lots of layers of tulle. Pegeen has over 200 colors of silk and many more in tulle! If you plan on ordering a dress from us, we suggest you order free swatches.

tulle flower girl dress by PegeenThis customer chose to base her pink and plum flower girl dresses on style 402 and used wild berry for the base and tulle and petal pink for the sash. Additionally, she added a Noelle rose and a v-back for a total of $55.