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Announcing our 2013 Wedding of the Year

Announcing our 2013 Wedding of the Year

Announcing our 2013 Flower Girl Dress of the Year. This was a TERRIBLE year for me. Not only did I recently suffer the loss of my mother who helped me found my business, but recently, my father passed away to join her. For me, it just took me forever to want to look at other weddings and see brides dancing with their fathers.  I think of the song by Luther Vandross,  “One More Dance with my Father”,  almost every day.

My Dad

So, it took me months to finish looking at the thousands of entries this year for our annual “Wedding of the Year” celebration. That said however, I already apologized in January, so without any less fanfare, this year is rather special. Not only did we pick TWO winners and a Runner-Up, but our weddings are World-Wide: we have winners  from Australia, Canada, and the United States.   Over the next few days, we will write a little about each one.

Today however, I want to share the photos and story of Alyssa and Leigh who held their wedding in Australia after a chance meeting in London. When I received the photography by David Fowler, Victoria we were really impressed.  It is not often that we see photos from an area that we get to see such vistas.  This wedding was truly one of them.

Pegeen’s Flower Girl Dresses of the Year Co-Winner

The gowns she chose for her flower girl dresses was style 402 with our Pegeen Signature Bustle.  Since it was an afternoon wedding, Alyssa also chose to do our Audrey Hepburn length (tea length) skirt of tulle for the flower girl dress.

Alyssa’s story of her chance meeting with Leigh, and how after the bus started to pull away was one we as romantics always hope for: that the guy is on the other side of the bus when it pulls away.   After meeting at some friends,  the fellow Aussie’s hit it off beautifully and enjoyed their meeting.  As Alyssa walked Leigh over to the bus stop to say goodbye, we are sure she wondered why she had let him leave!  However, Leigh boarded the bus for home.  After paying his fare, he dramatically told the driver to “stop” so he could once again disembark.  When the bus pulled away, imagine Alyssa’s surprise and joy that on the other side of the bus stood Leigh waiting!  SIGH. So for their wedding, they tied the theme into the many places in their past while in London.  To read this “tugs at your heartstrings” story, continue to our website and visit all the wonderful images as well.

All photography by

Embarrassing, isn’t it?

Embarrassing, isn’t it?

You would think that since my oldest child left for college I would have more time.  I don’t and I am not sure why but I solemnly swear to do better by featuring some of our favorite weddings, flower girl dresses, first communion and yes, boys ring bearer suits in 2013.  So, to kick it off, we just finished our latest Flower Girl Dress Rave and Testimonial Page for – and its filled with wonderful and gorgeous weddings and special events.  So, to begin the new year, we put praise to the sweetest little angel, our 2012 Flower Girl Dress & Wedding of the Year……

2012 Flower Girl Dress & Wedding of the Year in Pale Shades of Lilac, Wisteria and Lavender

Her dress was style 402 from the Pegeen Flower Girl Couture Collection with just a simple standard sash and trimmed with hydrangea flowers.

Flower Girl Dress Of The Year In Wisteria And Lavender Tulle And Silk

In just about five or six weeks, we will select our Wedding of the Year for 2013 and so far, the weddings we have chosen have been spectacular. To find out about our contest, click details.

Our Special Event of the Month announced…. from the Nutcracker Ballet

Our Special Event of the Month announced…. from the Nutcracker Ballet

This month, we decided to highlight a very special event – as each October, mothers and dance directors alike start calling us to place their orders for their upcoming performance of the Nutcracker Ballet held around Christmas Time.   Like our Wedding of the Year Flower Girl Dress that we featured in our 2012 Full page advertisements in bridal publications like Ceremony Magazine, Luxury Brides, Grace Ormond, and UK Cosmopolitan Brides, these dresses are going to be featured in our ads for various dance publications including Dance Magazine.

Special Event of the Month – The Nutcracker Party Dresses

We present to you our first “wedding” of the month for this year. On March 17th, in honor of our 30 years in business, we will announce our Newest Wedding of the Year for 2012 ! The anticipation is definitely growing and we are having so much FUN going over all of our customer’s DVDs, Videos and Bride’s Entries. If you purchase a dress or suit from, you are free to send in your photographs of the children dressed in Pegeen’s fashions and enter into our Model of the Year or Wedding of the Month contests. We choose our models from photographs submitted from those who have purchased dresses from Pegeen. Customer’s photos are highlighted throughout the website in our Real Weddings Gallery as well as other places around the site. If all the elements are right, these photographs may be chosen to be used in some of our advertising. This year we will be doing something slightly different for our Anniversary Celebration and because it is pretty hush-hush, we won’t make that announcement around March 17th or slightly before. A hint: it has to do with a VERY special “wedding” being held in December 1st 2012 at Disney – complete with Cinderella’s castle and I can’t wait to begin those announcements!

Getting ready for our Flower Girl Dress of the Year for 2012

Getting ready for our Flower Girl Dress of the Year for 2012

The anticipation is growing for Pegeen’s announcement of our Wedding of the Year.  In addition to our yearly announcement, the wedding will kick off a year long celebration of our wedding of the year.  The weddings below will be featured in our new commercials appearing on various women’s wedding programming…. and at the end of 2012, a very special wedding will be occurring and we will choose up to 12 little girls to be in a very special wedding at Disney.  Watch for the coming announcements.

About 5 years ago, as digital cameras improved, we started getting BEAUTIFUL photographs from our customers.  One in particular really stood out, so we named it our First Wedding of the Year and the Flower Girl Dress of the Year.   It came at a time when Tiffany Blue was really big in weddings and we couldn’t produce them fast enough.

Tiffany Blue and White Flower Girl Dresses of the Year by Pegeen for 2008

The following year, we named our favorite pink and white flower girl dresses of the year and it was lovely.

Pink and White Flower Girl Dress of the Year by

Then we announced a lovely Christmas Themed Wedding of the Year with her flower girl dresses in Red and Gold.

Red & Gold Flower Girl Dresses of the Year by

This year, our favorite Wedding of the Year was a gorgeous pink and bisque silk held at the St. Regis in Dana Point.  Wedding Planner was David Tutera and the execution of the wedding was absolutely stunning.  The Flower Girl Dress of the Year was pink and creme layers of tulle and the color of the silk was a beautiful peony pink.

Pink Tulle Flower Girl Dress of the Year by for 2011