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Flower Girl Dresses for an Ole’ Kentucky Family Wedding


I had SO much fun this past weekend!  I went to a family wedding, and boy was it a shindig.  My sister’s family (lives in Indiana) transported our “mostly from NJ” and the Kentucky family of the fiance, now wife of my nephew, into a different time and age.  I will post more images later as I plan to cover the wedding details in full (starting with a transformed “Gatsby” themed rehearsal party), but I had to talk about the flower girl dresses that I was SO proud of my seamstresses that produced truly a spectacular and wonderful Swarovski encrusted, silk and tulle, vintage feeling Tulle Flower Girl Dress from the Fairytale Collection, our “Topaz” Style 904.  I can’t remember for sure but I estimate that there are close to 800 or so crystals on that dress, which is a lot of handwork.

Yes I admit – it is the most expensive dress that we have produced but after I saw all the dresses the bridesmaids wore and this SPECTACULAR wedding gown (the first one actually) and veil with all of their crystals, I know the bride chose the right flower girl dresses that we gave as their presents.  (Part of the perks of having a designer in the family, I suppose).Creme flower girl dress "Topaz " from the Fairy Tale Collection ivory-flower-girl-dresses-00119

So, now that my “niece-daughter” has announced her engagement, she asked me to do her gown.  I was pretty hesitant before, but I am “in” on it now!  Jessica – let’s do two!  For those of you that have seen these images on Facebook, please indulge me on the duplicate post.

Silk flower girl dresses - part of the Fairytale Collections by

Silk flower girl dresses – part of the Fairytale Collection – Style 904


One of four Weddings of the Year – our Luxury Wedding and Flower Girl Dresses

One of four Weddings of the Year – our Luxury Wedding and Flower Girl Dresses

Announcing our 2014 Flower Girl Dresses of the Year

Every year, we name our favorite Wedding of the Year. In the past, they have ranged from simple weddings, to DIY, elaborate celebrations, with 20+ junior bridesmaids, 2nd time weddings and renewals. It gets harder for us each year, it truly does, to name just one WEDDING OF THE YEAR. The photographers are spectacular, the creativity and the thought in each wedding is simply overwhelming, and more than anything, the beauty of the event itself and the special meaning to each couple touches our heart every time. The entries this year absolutely were some of the best we have seen since we started doing this 7 years ago. Through out this year, we will be highlighting other weddings that didn’t quite make it into the finals but we will feature them as if they too were weddings of the year, because they truly were.

However, of the 4200 entries this year, we decided that each of the following weddings were special in their own way. So once again this year, we decided to name all four weddings as our favorite. Each of these weddings will be featured during this week, in celebration of our 33rd Year of Business!



The Luxury Flower Girl of the Year in style 902 from the Fairytale Collection


Juliet and Joe come from the professional skating world. Juliet, from the ice show and Joe, a retired NFH Hockey player. (Note to self: my husband is gonna love this wedding!)  When Juliet approached me for her wedding she wanted something very special for her daughter. We chose the Sapphire Fairy dress from the Fairytale Collection, Style 902 in White with a Pink Monogram exactly as the couple’s monogram.

Juliet & Joe – 2014 California Luxury Wedding of the Year: l John Riedy, Photography l 818.445.7752 Carlsbad, CA

For more details on our most popular Wedding of the Year, 2011 CLICK

More images of this fabulous wedding:




For the wedding she chose Flower Girl Dress Style 902 from the PEGEEN FAIRYTALE COLLECTION – the Sapphire Fairy.  Dress was in 100% silk in a color called Antique White.  Juliet chose the monogram for the front of the dress to match the couples monogram.  Dress is covered with 10 layers of tulle and topped of with a layer of crystal tulle and dew drop tulle.

Luxury Flower GIrl Dress of the Year

White and pink silk tulle flower girl dresses from

Flower Girl Dress Style 902 FAIRYTALE COLLECTION – Sapphire is part of the Fairy Tale Collection, 10 layers of tulle in multiple colors in pale shades of blue, cover.ed with a sparkle tulle, dew drop tulle, special monogram on the bodice with square neck. Dress is named after our favorite blue jewel, this dress is shown in cloud and blueberry, but blue colors available, others on request to designer. Mother of pearl button closure. At the waist is a huge pre-tied bustle and Cinderella bow. All of our skirt lengths are ballet length, meaning just three or four inches above the ankle which can be customized. Includes short sleeves or sleeveless tank, other options available such as longer sleeves or flowers at a slightly higher price.  For more photos from the wedding, please visit our website or click to purchase.

Announcing our 2013 Wedding of the Year

Announcing our 2013 Wedding of the Year

Announcing our 2013 Flower Girl Dress of the Year. This was a TERRIBLE year for me. Not only did I recently suffer the loss of my mother who helped me found my business, but recently, my father passed away to join her. For me, it just took me forever to want to look at other weddings and see brides dancing with their fathers.  I think of the song by Luther Vandross,  “One More Dance with my Father”,  almost every day.

My Dad

So, it took me months to finish looking at the thousands of entries this year for our annual “Wedding of the Year” celebration. That said however, I already apologized in January, so without any less fanfare, this year is rather special. Not only did we pick TWO winners and a Runner-Up, but our weddings are World-Wide: we have winners  from Australia, Canada, and the United States.   Over the next few days, we will write a little about each one.

Today however, I want to share the photos and story of Alyssa and Leigh who held their wedding in Australia after a chance meeting in London. When I received the photography by David Fowler, Victoria we were really impressed.  It is not often that we see photos from an area that we get to see such vistas.  This wedding was truly one of them.

Pegeen’s Flower Girl Dresses of the Year Co-Winner

The gowns she chose for her flower girl dresses was style 402 with our Pegeen Signature Bustle.  Since it was an afternoon wedding, Alyssa also chose to do our Audrey Hepburn length (tea length) skirt of tulle for the flower girl dress.

Alyssa’s story of her chance meeting with Leigh, and how after the bus started to pull away was one we as romantics always hope for: that the guy is on the other side of the bus when it pulls away.   After meeting at some friends,  the fellow Aussie’s hit it off beautifully and enjoyed their meeting.  As Alyssa walked Leigh over to the bus stop to say goodbye, we are sure she wondered why she had let him leave!  However, Leigh boarded the bus for home.  After paying his fare, he dramatically told the driver to “stop” so he could once again disembark.  When the bus pulled away, imagine Alyssa’s surprise and joy that on the other side of the bus stood Leigh waiting!  SIGH. So for their wedding, they tied the theme into the many places in their past while in London.  To read this “tugs at your heartstrings” story, continue to our website and visit all the wonderful images as well.

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