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Pegeen Launches it’s first Crowdfunding Campaign!

Pegeen Launches it’s first Crowdfunding Campaign!

We Proudly Launch our Fairytale Collection for Flower Girls at a special price for our Indiegogo Supporters!

Pegeen Fairytale Wedding Collection Designer Childrenswear announces the launch of their Fairytale Collection through a Crowd Funding campaign.  What exactly is crowd funding?  The easiest way to describe it is this:


  • Crowd funding is when a Business (like ours) posts a project available for funding on a crowd-funding site (in our case to help get backers interested in our products and company.
  • In return for backing a project, our customers receive different rewards depending on the amount of funding they commit (from levels of $5 through $500) and also with a very special opportunity, that is to collaborate with Pegeen and help design, name and receive    the dress you designed along with our ensuring someone who is less fortunate or has a very special wish to receive a dress so they can be a princess too!
  • Interested backers donate during the project, sharing our campaign over their social networks with their friends and contacts
  • What we receive in exchange for your support is the ability to expand greatly our advertising and marketing budget as we grow our company to an even higher level
  • What you will receive are various rewards, the opportunity to be able to say that you helped our company realize our dream of growing our business to the next level, and someday even, to fulfill our dream of being able to open a store (s) in the Downtown Disney area and beyond.
  • Moreover, Pegeen has arranged with a few organizations to be sure that we can provide to someone in need a princess dress of their very own through some really great charities like Give Kids a World.  We are reaching out to Wounded Warriors and Make a Wish foundation as well.

Everyone can participate even at the smallest of levels and know that Pegeen is one company who will REFUSE to outsource to other countries the manufacturing of our goods.  In addition, you will help with building within our community the opportunity to share our really beautiful dresses with some really sick and needy kids so that they can become princesses too!
We hope that you will listen to our pitch and pass it on to friends as well!

We Proudly Launch our Fairytale Collection for Flower Girls at a special price for our Indiegogo Supporters!

For details click the link above for the video.
What your contribution to our campaign would mean to us:

We at Pegeen know that we create exquisite and well made products, not just for girls, but for boys as well. We are really proud of what we have accomplished in 33 years started by the talents of Marg Hyland. Behind the scenes are still the husband and wife team of Marg and Jim whose union formed just four years into the company’s origin and who steadfastly believe that answering the phone, producing in the US and dedication continue to help steer the company’s mission: to create beautiful clothing for children to remain looking like children. Joining the couple are some very dedicated seamstresses and one heck of a talented web developer.

Pegeen is always anxious to grow. Moreover, it’s a personal endeavor. “When I see the garbage that is coming in from China as counterfeit goods, I am mortified. I realize everyone has financial constraints but our job at Pegeen is to price our dresses so that a reasonable amount of people will make sure that their children wear heirloom quality goods. By offering our garments on the internet we actually can offer our creations without the markup of a retailer. We will continue to do so while improving the way our customers can purchase our goods.”

We really want to thank Addie Brie Hays for her wonderful participation in this project, Bill Frank for his guitar accompaniment and Rob Fong for an unbelievable new website and our now famous Pegeen Dress Dreamer!

For more information on our campaign and info on how you can help make a little girl feel like a princess, click the link below.

FAIRYTALES COME TRUE: Pegeen Childrenswear

Announcing our 2013 Wedding of the Year

Announcing our 2013 Wedding of the Year

Announcing our 2013 Flower Girl Dress of the Year. This was a TERRIBLE year for me. Not only did I recently suffer the loss of my mother who helped me found my business, but recently, my father passed away to join her. For me, it just took me forever to want to look at other weddings and see brides dancing with their fathers.  I think of the song by Luther Vandross,  “One More Dance with my Father”,  almost every day.

My Dad

So, it took me months to finish looking at the thousands of entries this year for our annual “Wedding of the Year” celebration. That said however, I already apologized in January, so without any less fanfare, this year is rather special. Not only did we pick TWO winners and a Runner-Up, but our weddings are World-Wide: we have winners  from Australia, Canada, and the United States.   Over the next few days, we will write a little about each one.

Today however, I want to share the photos and story of Alyssa and Leigh who held their wedding in Australia after a chance meeting in London. When I received the photography by David Fowler, Victoria we were really impressed.  It is not often that we see photos from an area that we get to see such vistas.  This wedding was truly one of them.

Pegeen’s Flower Girl Dresses of the Year Co-Winner

The gowns she chose for her flower girl dresses was style 402 with our Pegeen Signature Bustle.  Since it was an afternoon wedding, Alyssa also chose to do our Audrey Hepburn length (tea length) skirt of tulle for the flower girl dress.

Alyssa’s story of her chance meeting with Leigh, and how after the bus started to pull away was one we as romantics always hope for: that the guy is on the other side of the bus when it pulls away.   After meeting at some friends,  the fellow Aussie’s hit it off beautifully and enjoyed their meeting.  As Alyssa walked Leigh over to the bus stop to say goodbye, we are sure she wondered why she had let him leave!  However, Leigh boarded the bus for home.  After paying his fare, he dramatically told the driver to “stop” so he could once again disembark.  When the bus pulled away, imagine Alyssa’s surprise and joy that on the other side of the bus stood Leigh waiting!  SIGH. So for their wedding, they tied the theme into the many places in their past while in London.  To read this “tugs at your heartstrings” story, continue to our website and visit all the wonderful images as well.

All photography by

Flower Girl Dress of the Month – Destination Wedding in Fanano, Italy

Flower Girl Dress of the Month – Destination Wedding in Fanano, Italy

Our flower girl dress of the month for February was in Spring Green and Antique White. Our customer, who ordered her dresses in style 345 from Pegeen was from Fanano, Italy. The wedding was held in a beautiful church.

This customer chose to base her custom flower girl dresses on style 345 and wanted the color of Summer Green for the base and Antique White for the sash color of the dress. S.Giorgio’s Church, Vesale of Sestola, Modena, Emilia Romagna. The Reception was in Ristorante da Martino, Verica of Pavullo, Modena, Emilia Romagna,  ITALY.

Wedding of the Month - Spring Green and White Silk Flower Girl Dresses

Wedding of the Month – Spring Green and White Silk Flower Girl Dresses

Emerald green and hot pink silk flower girl dresses

Emerald green and hot pink silk flower girl dresses

This was such a beautiful pink and green flower girl dress we made! Emerald green silk and a hot pink color called FUCHSIA with an antique white bodice.  We LOVED this emerald green and hot pink silk flower girl dress in Colorado!

Emerald green and hot pink silk flower girl dress by



On August the 15th, I wrote about one of the loveliest flower girl dresses I had ever seen come off the girls sewing machines.  I was positively thrilled this weekend when I saw these pink and yellow flower girl dresses worn on two of the prettiest little girls!  So, without further adieu…I was so excited when I saw the photos of the flower girl dresses in cerise and lemonade!

Hot pink and yellow organza CUSTOM FLOWER GIRL DRESSES With back Flowers

Getting ready for our Flower Girl Dress of the Year for 2012

Getting ready for our Flower Girl Dress of the Year for 2012

The anticipation is growing for Pegeen’s announcement of our Wedding of the Year.  In addition to our yearly announcement, the wedding will kick off a year long celebration of our wedding of the year.  The weddings below will be featured in our new commercials appearing on various women’s wedding programming…. and at the end of 2012, a very special wedding will be occurring and we will choose up to 12 little girls to be in a very special wedding at Disney.  Watch for the coming announcements.

About 5 years ago, as digital cameras improved, we started getting BEAUTIFUL photographs from our customers.  One in particular really stood out, so we named it our First Wedding of the Year and the Flower Girl Dress of the Year.   It came at a time when Tiffany Blue was really big in weddings and we couldn’t produce them fast enough.

Tiffany Blue and White Flower Girl Dresses of the Year by Pegeen for 2008

The following year, we named our favorite pink and white flower girl dresses of the year and it was lovely.

Pink and White Flower Girl Dress of the Year by

Then we announced a lovely Christmas Themed Wedding of the Year with her flower girl dresses in Red and Gold.

Red & Gold Flower Girl Dresses of the Year by

This year, our favorite Wedding of the Year was a gorgeous pink and bisque silk held at the St. Regis in Dana Point.  Wedding Planner was David Tutera and the execution of the wedding was absolutely stunning.  The Flower Girl Dress of the Year was pink and creme layers of tulle and the color of the silk was a beautiful peony pink.

Pink Tulle Flower Girl Dress of the Year by for 2011

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