Our Flower Girl Dress of the Month featured in Navy and Gold

We try each month to feature our favorite wedding of the month in a section called “Flower Girl Dress of the Month” and this wedding was with our customer for whom we just did our third wedding.  You can see this wedding by visiting our website and viewing WEDDING OF THE MONTH.

Navy and Pure Gold silk flower girl dresses by Pegeen

Navy and Pure Gold silk flower girl dresses by Pegeen

We used Pegeen Classic Style 802 in navy blue and pure gold to coordinate with the wedding party.

Navy and Pure Gold silk flower girl dresses by Pegeen

Navy and Pure Gold silk flower girl dresses by Pegeen

“Iconic” look for Clara in The Nutcracker Suite Ballet

Gosh – it was so nice to hear this today:

” When our 11 year-old daughter, Lily, achieved the iconic role of Clara in the Lake Erie Ballet’s production 55th Annual Nutcracker, in Erie, Pa, we knew we wanted to add something special; and that meant finding the perfect “party scene” dress. Pegeen was the only place that had exactly what we were looking for. When the dress arrived, we could not believe how beautiful it was. Beyond that, once on stage and under the lights, the dress was just magnificent! I dare say this dress made Clara even more iconic, and we couldn’t be more proud it was showcased by our daughter. The company was excellent in every way: communication, talent, delivery and follow-up. They really took a special interest in a successful, well-dressed performance! Thank you Pegeen, for making our daughter’s dream come true and giving us a memory to last forever!   Elizabeth Kons”

Our customer chose Victorian Pegeen Style 397 flower girl dress from The Classic Nutcracker Collection

Clara’s beautiful silk Nutcracker Party Scene Dress

A Wedding with Some Summer Punch!


I love Spring and Summer weddings – the colors are often deep and rich and our wedding with Brandi is no exception!  When I got a call from the bride concerning her daughter who was to be her flower girl in her wedding, Brandi said in the sweetest southern voice – “I want to have some real punch in my wedding and make it fun” – so we sent her all the hot pink colors we had as we knew she was going to have the maids wear navy.  “Send me lots and lots of pink” Brandi said!

I was transfixed when I sent the dress to the bride and even more excited to see her photos….so much so that we named her’s the Flower Girl Dress & Wedding of the Month for August!  The flower girl dress had a navy bodice in silk with a Cinderella Sash and Boing underskirt covered with 10 layers of hot pink tulle for Pegeen Style 402.  Enjoy.

Navy and Boing (hot pink) wedding theme - Style 402 from the Pegeen Couture Flower Girl Dress Collection

Navy and Boing (hot pink) wedding theme – Style 402 from the Pegeen Couture Flower Girl Dress Collection

Flower Girl Dresses for an Ole’ Kentucky Family Wedding


I had SO much fun this past weekend!  I went to a family wedding, and boy was it a shindig.  My sister’s family (lives in Indiana) transported our “mostly from NJ” and the Kentucky family of the fiance, now wife of my nephew, into a different time and age.  I will post more images later as I plan to cover the wedding details in full (starting with a transformed “Gatsby” themed rehearsal party), but I had to talk about the flower girl dresses that I was SO proud of my seamstresses that produced truly a spectacular and wonderful Swarovski encrusted, silk and tulle, vintage feeling Tulle Flower Girl Dress from the Fairytale Collection, our “Topaz” Style 904.  I can’t remember for sure but I estimate that there are close to 800 or so crystals on that dress, which is a lot of handwork.

Yes I admit – it is the most expensive dress that we have produced but after I saw all the dresses the bridesmaids wore and this SPECTACULAR wedding gown (the first one actually) and veil with all of their crystals, I know the bride chose the right flower girl dresses that we gave as their presents.  (Part of the perks of having a designer in the family, I suppose).Creme flower girl dress "Topaz " from the Fairy Tale Collection ivory-flower-girl-dresses-00119

So, now that my “niece-daughter” has announced her engagement, she asked me to do her gown.  I was pretty hesitant before, but I am “in” on it now!  Jessica – let’s do two!  For those of you that have seen these images on Facebook, please indulge me on the duplicate post.

Silk flower girl dresses - part of the Fairytale Collections by Pegeen.com

Silk flower girl dresses – part of the Fairytale Collection – Pegeen.com Style 904


3/4 Sleeves for a Religious Wedding


Two really lovely young ladies were captured at the wedding in their flower girl (Jr. Bridesmaids) dresses. The sisters chose the same shade of gray but one wanted tulle to cover her skirt with silver glitter! So cute!

Gray silk flower girl dresses with 3/4 Sleeves for a Jewish Wedding

Below, the younger girl chose flower girl dress style 372 with silver glitterSilver gray and pewter silk flower girl dresses

The older sister chose a silver gray and pewter silk flower girl dress style 345.Silver gray and pewter silk flower girl dresses

Pegeen Launches it’s first Crowdfunding Campaign!

Pegeen Launches it’s first Crowdfunding Campaign!

We Proudly Launch our Fairytale Collection for Flower Girls at a special price for our Indiegogo Supporters!

Pegeen Fairytale Wedding Collection

Pegeen.com Designer Childrenswear announces the launch of their Fairytale Collection through a Crowd Funding campaign.  What exactly is crowd funding?  The easiest way to describe it is this:


  • Crowd funding is when a Business (like ours) posts a project available for funding on a crowd-funding site (in our case indiegogo.com) to help get backers interested in our products and company.
  • In return for backing a project, our customers receive different rewards depending on the amount of funding they commit (from levels of $5 through $500) and also with a very special opportunity, that is to collaborate with Pegeen and help design, name and receive    the dress you designed along with our ensuring someone who is less fortunate or has a very special wish to receive a dress so they can be a princess too!
  • Interested backers donate during the project, sharing our campaign over their social networks with their friends and contacts
  • What we receive in exchange for your support is the ability to expand greatly our advertising and marketing budget as we grow our company to an even higher level
  • What you will receive are various rewards, the opportunity to be able to say that you helped our company realize our dream of growing our business to the next level, and someday even, to fulfill our dream of being able to open a store (s) in the Downtown Disney area and beyond.
  • Moreover, Pegeen has arranged with a few organizations to be sure that we can provide to someone in need a princess dress of their very own through some really great charities like Give Kids a World.  We are reaching out to Wounded Warriors and Make a Wish foundation as well.

Everyone can participate even at the smallest of levels and know that Pegeen is one company who will REFUSE to outsource to other countries the manufacturing of our goods.  In addition, you will help with building within our community the opportunity to share our really beautiful dresses with some really sick and needy kids so that they can become princesses too!
We hope that you will listen to our pitch and pass it on to friends as well!

We Proudly Launch our Fairytale Collection for Flower Girls at a special price for our Indiegogo Supporters!

For details click the link above for the video.
What your contribution to our campaign would mean to us:

We at Pegeen know that we create exquisite and well made products, not just for girls, but for boys as well. We are really proud of what we have accomplished in 33 years started by the talents of Marg Hyland. Behind the scenes are still the husband and wife team of Marg and Jim whose union formed just four years into the company’s origin and who steadfastly believe that answering the phone, producing in the US and dedication continue to help steer the company’s mission: to create beautiful clothing for children to remain looking like children. Joining the couple are some very dedicated seamstresses and one heck of a talented web developer.

Pegeen is always anxious to grow. Moreover, it’s a personal endeavor. “When I see the garbage that is coming in from China as counterfeit goods, I am mortified. I realize everyone has financial constraints but our job at Pegeen is to price our dresses so that a reasonable amount of people will make sure that their children wear heirloom quality goods. By offering our garments on the internet we actually can offer our creations without the markup of a retailer. We will continue to do so while improving the way our customers can purchase our goods.”

We really want to thank Addie Brie Hays for her wonderful participation in this project, Bill Frank for his guitar accompaniment and Rob Fong for an unbelievable new website and our now famous Pegeen Dress Dreamer!

For more information on our campaign and info on how you can help make a little girl feel like a princess, click the link below.

FAIRYTALES COME TRUE: Pegeen Childrenswear

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