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We fell in love when we saw her Nutcracker Dress!!

Paloma Limas & Company Dance school in McAllen, Texas called us last November, wanting to order a Nutcracker Dress for the director’s little girl.  We about died when we saw how cute this muchkin was!!  Paloma ordered Pegeen Couture Style 405, our Marie Antoinette flower girl dress which we also recommend for The Nutcracker Ballet.  I must say, I got misty eyed when I saw these images by Photographer Marco Jilpas.

Marie Antoinette Nutcracker or Flower Girl Dress marie-antoinette-02 marie-antoinette-03 marie-antoinette-01


New Nutcracker Dress Styles for 2016

Our Nutcracker Dresses have begun to ship.  We have added approximately 7 or 8 new styles for this season of The Nutcracker.  Every year we love this time because dance companies select some beautiful combinations.  Many other times, a dancer is chosen for the Nutcracker Party Scene and needs to purchase a dress.  Still others individually purchase for their daughter because she was chosen for the part during The Nutcracker auditions. Here are just a few of the dresses we have been churning out this week.  Visit the full line at details
Just a reminder – although we sell exclusively online,  if you are visiting Orlando, we are located just 1.25 miles from Disney World.  Call to visit our factory or design studio. 407-928-2377
Below are some styles:
Style 911 done in Caribbean Blue and Ballet Pink
Check price for this custom Nutcracker Party Scene Dress
Nutcracker Party Scene Dresses
below: Style 720 Clara Nutcracker Dress done in Wisteria and Oatmeal
Check price for this custom silk flower girl dress
below: Style 730 Clara Nutcracker Dress done in Aqualine and Oatmeal
Check price for this custom Nutcracker Party Scene Dress


below: Style 725 Nutcracker Party Scene Dress done in Wolf Gray and French Blue
Check price for this custom Nutcracker Party Scene Dress


“Iconic” look for Clara in The Nutcracker Suite Ballet

Gosh – it was so nice to hear this today:

” When our 11 year-old daughter, Lily, achieved the iconic role of Clara in the Lake Erie Ballet’s production 55th Annual Nutcracker, in Erie, Pa, we knew we wanted to add something special; and that meant finding the perfect “party scene” dress. Pegeen was the only place that had exactly what we were looking for. When the dress arrived, we could not believe how beautiful it was. Beyond that, once on stage and under the lights, the dress was just magnificent! I dare say this dress made Clara even more iconic, and we couldn’t be more proud it was showcased by our daughter. The company was excellent in every way: communication, talent, delivery and follow-up. They really took a special interest in a successful, well-dressed performance! Thank you Pegeen, for making our daughter’s dream come true and giving us a memory to last forever!   Elizabeth Kons”

Our customer chose Victorian Pegeen Style 397 flower girl dress from The Classic Nutcracker Collection

Clara’s beautiful silk Nutcracker Party Scene Dress