Royal Wedding Flower Girl Dresses differences from Elizabeth, Grace, Diana and Kate

Royal Wedding Flower Girl Dresses differences from Elizabeth, Grace, Diana and Kate

Royal Wedding flower girl dresses have made for some interesting contrasts in dresses for flower girls (called bridesmaids in the UK).  There has been many styles of flower girl dresses presented over the years for different royal weddings.  Of course we all remember the photographs from Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1982.  Even the ex-Duchess of York had a similar flair.  EVERYTHING was bigger in the 80’s including the shoulder pads, thanks to Dynasty.


Guinevere from the Regal CollectionFlower Girl Dresses Fit for Royalty



This was in startling contrast to the wedding fashions of the April 29th wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton).   Prince William’s bride, brought us back to the simplicity and elegance of the gowns of Princess Grace and Queen Elizabeth with a darling open neck and fitted bodice.  The new royal’s dress was in fact, magnificent.   It had the most wonderful bustle, beautiful embroidery and lace sleeves.

The flower girl dresses that were designed for these Royal Weddings have much in contrast and design.   We all now know when they were revealed last week, the young bridesmaids for the Windsor’s wedding was simple and elegant with the skirts amazingly similar to the bride.  The bit of lace trim and all those covered buttons showed a royal restraint.    Princess Grace’s flower girls wore short, knee length dresses with tight bustling at the waist, peter pan collars and tiny yet, puffy sleeves so typical of the 1950’s.  At Queen Elizabeth II marriage to Prince Phillip, the children wore kilts.  Princess Diana’s flower girl girls were full, layered and with delicate but wide English laces and of course had wide silk ruffling at the neck and on the sleeves.   I admit, I was influenced by her wedding and when I was in London for a buying trip in the early 80’s, I scooped up the most magnificent wedding gown in a style between Princess Diana’s and Cinderella while shopping at Harrod’s (to be revealed at my Anniversary Vow Renewal this coming December at Disney….  like Marie Osmond, I have to get back in that gown!).

Typically and realistically,  flower girl dresses should me made to compliment the wedding gown but we also believe, fill the child’s desire to be a princess too!  Swirly dresses are more preferred and as long as they twirl, the little girl is happy.  Our suggestion is that the dress should compliment the wedding gown by pulling in elements of the wedding through color, style, length and fabrication.   Naturally, if you have any design concerns, contact us at Pegeen, visit our site, on our chat or call us as one of us designers are always on the ready to help…. because flower girl dresses and ring bearer suits are just about all we manufacture and design at

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