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Flower Girl Dresses for an Ole’ Kentucky Family Wedding


I had SO much fun this past weekend!  I went to a family wedding, and boy was it a shindig.  My sister’s family (lives in Indiana) transported our “mostly from NJ” and the Kentucky family of the fiance, now wife of my nephew, into a different time and age.  I will post more images later as I plan to cover the wedding details in full (starting with a transformed “Gatsby” themed rehearsal party), but I had to talk about the flower girl dresses that I was SO proud of my seamstresses that produced truly a spectacular and wonderful Swarovski encrusted, silk and tulle, vintage feeling Tulle Flower Girl Dress from the Fairytale Collection, our “Topaz” Style 904.  I can’t remember for sure but I estimate that there are close to 800 or so crystals on that dress, which is a lot of handwork.

Yes I admit – it is the most expensive dress that we have produced but after I saw all the dresses the bridesmaids wore and this SPECTACULAR wedding gown (the first one actually) and veil with all of their crystals, I know the bride chose the right flower girl dresses that we gave as their presents.  (Part of the perks of having a designer in the family, I suppose).Creme flower girl dress "Topaz " from the Fairy Tale Collection ivory-flower-girl-dresses-00119

So, now that my “niece-daughter” has announced her engagement, she asked me to do her gown.  I was pretty hesitant before, but I am “in” on it now!  Jessica – let’s do two!  For those of you that have seen these images on Facebook, please indulge me on the duplicate post.

Silk flower girl dresses - part of the Fairytale Collections by

Silk flower girl dresses – part of the Fairytale Collection – Style 904